Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kids Need to be Kids

Isn't she pretty?  Sugar Pea went as Draculaura from Monster High for Halloween.  We had an agreement that I would let her wear a little makeup for Halloween.  After I was done I was scared at how much older she looked.  I told her she isn't wearing makeup for a very very long time.

After last night she was fine with it.  She says makeup takes to much work to put on and take off.  We'll see if she still feels the same way in a few years.

I feel kids need to stay little as long as they can, they grow up fast enough as is.

I just wish kid fashion felt the same way.

I hate taking Sugar Pea shopping for clothes.  For one school dress code says that skirts/shorts have to be fingertip length.  She has very long arms and her fingertips are at her knees.  So all the cute skirts/shorts she finds are to short.  Some are way to short anyway.  So we then have to find leggings that look good to wear under them.  Most of the time she gets so frustrated and gives up.  I feel bad for her.

She doesn't want shirts with big ugly pictures on them, and definitely doesn't want a giant picture of Hannah Montana on her clothes.  She also doesn't want to wear t-shirts and jeans all the time.  So we have a hard time finding clothes for her that are cute, stylish, but also make her look like she's only 9.

Then a month or so ago we had to go shopping for a bra.  Poor Sugar Pea.  I can remember being so embarrassed when I had to go shopping for my first bra, and I had hoped to make it a little better for her.  We went shopping and pedicures first.  Kind of like a mommy and me day out.

I'm shopping for my 9 year old, so I figured the hardest part we were going to have was her deciding on what she liked.  Oh no.  Our hardest part was finding bras that were fit for a 9 year old.  Who in their right mind would by a padded bra for a little girl?  Or a black bra?  Seriously?!  I couldn't believe the options we had.   It took us 3 stores before we found a selection fit for little girls.  After the 2nd store she was more than ready to just use duct tape and pretend she didn't need one.

Hopefully this new round of clothes in stores makes Christmas shopping a little less stressful.

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