Friday, March 2, 2012

Upcoming Hospital Stay

Tin Man's cardiologists couldn't wait for the kidney ultrasound.  They requested a meeting with the kidney doctor today to come up with a game plan.

They decided to admit Tin Man to the hospital for a week (at least).  Tin Man is hoping they can wait until the 12th so we can try to get our car fixed.

They are going start him on some meds to see if they can increase the kidney function.  These meds will speed up his heart, so they want him in the hospital for this.  The docs are hoping that getting his heart to pump more will increase the blood flow to the kidneys and increase how they are functioning and decrease his creatinine levels.

This is risky because Tin Man's heart gets overly excited when it pumps harder.  Between the way his heart is formed and how sick it is, the top chamber and bottom chamber don't always work together like they should.  Instead they try to out do each other and he ends up with his heart rate in the 250s or so.  This happened one time while the kids and I were visiting him in the hospital.  Let me tell you, its some scary stuff.

So between his history and the unknown with his heart, we all would rather be safe than sorry and have him admitted for the time being.  

Right now he's Status 2 on the waiting list.  This means that he's able to be at home and not confined to the hospital.  While he's in the hospital he will be bumped up to 1B on the transplant list.  This will put him a little higher on the list, so who knows what will happen in that week.

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