Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spur of the Moment Camping

This last week has been really rough.  Since school's out, we've been home more, and it's hard.  School gave us routine, gave us something to focus on.  Now we don't have that.  So a friend of ours decided we needed a change of scenery, so we had a spur of the moment camping trip at Big Basin.  We rented a tent cabin on Tuesday.  The cabin came with everything we needed, including, firewood, sleeping bags, pillows, a propane stove, pots and pans.  All we had to take was food and anything else we wanted.

It was so pretty up there being surrounded by so many beautiful redwoods.  A change of scenery was exactly what we needed.

The kids had so much fun.  We took a nice, long, relaxing walk just to take in everything.  The kids favorite part was the steak being dropped into the fire, 3 times.  They thought that was hilarious.

My favorite part was relaxing around the fire and not having anything to worry about for a few hours.  Also not having cell service.  I feel naked without my phone, but it was nice not having to explain to people why I'm not in the mood to talk, or even text. 

Saturday the kids and I leave for Oregon to help finish up things for my brother's wedding.  Then we'll be off to South Carolina for a couple of weeks.  Then headed to LA and Disneyland for a few days before heading back home.

My kids are going to be so spoiled this summer between my sister, brother, my mom, my mother in law and the rest of Tin Man's family.  But right now they deserve it.

These birds are pretty, but OMG they are so annoying.

 We found a lot of burned out redwoods on our walk.  Just imagine how huge this one was.

 I love living near the redwoods.  Even the small ones are amazing.

 This tree had 100s of carvings on it.  Warrior carved in Tin Man's name and his birthday and date of death.

 This little guy was all over our campsite.  He even stole some of the graham crackers the kids dropped.

 Woodpecker.  This reminded me of growing up.  My grandma had a bunch of them around her house and we would be woke up ever morning by their pecking.


  1. What a beautiful story-I love the memories you are building. Enjoy these trips this summer, how awesome. By the way, those redwoods---Yeah, they are huge and way too cool I like the carving your son did. It created a few goose bumps from emotion on my arms. = )


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  3. I am your latest follower from the blog hop. I would really love a follow back.

    One Chic Mom

  4. Wow those redwoods are amazing! You are lucky to live close to a place like that! Found you from the blog hop & new follower! x


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