Thursday, August 30, 2012


While we were in Southern California we went to Legoland with the in laws.  They spoiled the kids a little more this summer than normal.  With everything we've been through, the kids deserved it.

I couldn't do much but walk around because I fell down some stairs a few days before and sprained my wrist and hurt my back.  Thankfully wasn't much more than a sprain and a lot of bruises. 

We got to see how Legos were made.  Everything from the molds to painting, to assembling them in the packaging. It was pretty neat to watch.
Lego shark at Sugar Pea
Warrior decided to go in head first
Sugar Pea and her Uncle
Warrior with Uncle
Mount Rushmore
Cleaning out Washington's ear.


  1. Our LegoLand here in Florida does not have the Mount Rushmore replica - that's pretty cool.

  2. Looks like the kids had a very good time. Sorry you took a fall and I hope you mend quickly. Stopping by from That Friday Blog Hop. New follower here and I am looking forward to becoming friends. I hope that you and your family will enjoy this Labor Day weekend.

    Michele @


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