Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Have Heat!

How sad is it that this vent is the most exciting part of my week.
Why? Because its brand new. We had a large in floor furnace in our living room and dining room. Up until about a year ago it worked great at heating those 2 rooms, but the bedrooms didn't get much heat. 

Then about a year ago it stopped working properly. We could get it to turn on, but it stopped working with the thermostat. Then right after Tin Man died, it stopped working completely. Replacing it turned into a huge job. They had to jack up the floor and fix the foundation before they could replace the heater. That turned into a huge job, plus having to fix the walls in the house. 

Old house = old plaster that crumbled during that time. 

Finally they got everything taken care of and were able to start on getting the furnace replaced.  Since the furnace is the original furnace, it was old.  We're talking big, ugly, and a very hot grate just sitting in the middle of the walk way. 

Now we have a new furnace and vents in every room.  Even better is I can program it to kick on 20 minutes before we get up in the morning so the house is nice and toasty.  

Now the kids can't use the "its to cold" excuse in the morning.   

My next project is painting.  Every.  Room.


  1. New follower here :). I'm sure you're happy to now have heat! I do not envy the painting job you have. We too have to paint our whole interior and just (almost) finished the first floor only and it was a huge project. Wishing you the best. Stop by and visit me when you can. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Good thing you had the old furnace replaced before the cold days started. It will also be good to get a humidifier, since the cold dries the air; the humidifier adds moisture to it. A more moist air will feel warmer, so a humidifier will absolutely help in making your furnace cost-efficient.

    Darryl Iorio

  3. Always remember to change your furnace’s air filters. Air filters can be purchased at your hardware store. Keeping new and clean filters will also help you save on your energy costs, since a dirty air filter can make the gas furnace produce less heat and make it inefficient.

    Alyssa Flynn

  4. Smart idea to put a vent in every room and not just in 2 rooms! The cold months seem to have settled in already, and with your new furnace, you can now just sit down on your couch and relax. No more worrying about the furnace. Good luck on your next project!

    *Launce Newlove


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