Monday, December 10, 2012

Stanford, Girl Scouts, and Santa

Friday I made a trip up to Stanford.  This was the first time I had set foot inside the hospital since the day I got the autopsy results.

This was not an easy trip for me.  I was tempted to cancel it, but it was something I needed.  I needed to try to get some answers to my questions.

Being at the hospital was hard, but it was great to see the doctors, nurses, and the transplant surgeon.  I've missed seeing these people on a monthly/weekly basis.  It also helped me to see how much they were hurting too.  I have always know they loved Tin Man, but seeing just how much pain they are in, even 8 months later, made me realize just how much they loved him.

I didn't get as many answers to my questions as I had hoped.  I left with even more questions than I had to start with, but at least I know I'm headed in the right direction.

Saturday the local Girl Scout council had their tree lighting celebration.  It was originally scheduled for the 1st, but was rescheduled due to rain.  Each troop made ornaments to decorate the tree with, then they enjoyed caroling, hot chocolate, cookies, and crafts.  Plus Santa drove in on a fire truck.

We made the girls stand in line so we could get a troop picture with Santa.  Even Warrior and his best friend sat on Santa's lap.
They both asked for a pony and a GoPro.  Hopefully they aren't to crushed when Santa doesn't bring either.

Sunday we cleaned house, and then headed over to check out the Journey to Bethlehem at one of the local churches.  It had a walk through tour of Mary and Joseph's journey, along with crafts for the kids, hayride (which was a favorite by all of us), hot chocolate, apple cider, and even a restaurant and creamery.

We ran into some friends, met some new great people, and just had a good time.  Something we all needed.

Now I feel like I need a few days to recover from the weekend.


  1. Hi there!!! I am Hanna and I found you through the blog hop!! I love making new friends and your blog is lovely. I am your newest follower:) Happy Holidays! You can find me over at
    xooxxo Hanna

  2. Not sure who Tin Man is, but I hope your visit went well. My son wants a GoPro too

  3. Well every kid asks for a pony and we all survive the disappointment :) Hey, what about a certificate for an afternoon of horseback riding?

  4. I never asked for a pony and I have no idea what a GoPro is. Hope your Christmas is peaceful and pleasant and so is your New Year.

  5. my son would love a GroPro too


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