Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally A Chance To Breathe

This time of year I feel like I live in my car.  Between lacrosse practice and games, Girl Scouts, and the nice weather we don't want to be cooped up in the house.

Last week we spent a few hours in the ER after a lacrosse game.  Warrior started the varsity game (as goalie, huge deal for a freshman) and took not one but 2 balls to the same spot.  Someone has great aim because it was the only 6 inches not covered by padding.

He could barely walk, so I dropped Sugar Pea off at a friends house and headed for the ER.  Thankfully it wasn't broken, just a very bad muscle bruise.  Its still looks pretty nasty, over a week later.

You can kind of see it in this photo.  The next day it was black, and still a very dark bruise.

Let me tell you, I am so happy Girl Scout cookie sales are over.  I can say I hate selling Girl Scout cookies with a passion.  All our family lives far away, and we don't have the option of selling online.  So we are stuck selling local.  Which means most of the people we know ordered from their family members. 

It sucks because they have these cool rewards (we're talking iPads here) for selling so many boxes.  Sugar Pea solds 200 including the booth sales, and this was because of lots of begging on my part. 

I also don't understand doing the booth sales a week after delivering cookies.  Most people are still working on eating their cookies.  To me it makes more sense to wait a month after delivering cookies to start the booth sales.  People will be done with theirs and wanting more. 

This week has been hard for us.  Even though Easter isn't the same day, or even the same weekend, Tin Man died 2 days after Easter last year.  He coded twice the day before Easter.  So Easter last year, and from now on is going to be hard for us to get through. 

We've been working on getting the 2nd annual blood drive set up, along with a couple other local things.  We are also trying to set up a blood drive in Southern California for the same day, but that's much harder since I'm up here, and my in laws haven't been much help.

Next week is spring break.  YAY!  Mom definitely needs a break.  Well a break from our normal routine anyway.  We're going to be in Southern California with friends, so there won't be much time spent vegging out, but at least it will be a change of pace.  April 10th, is coming up fast, so we need some time away while we can.

Its funny how we spend most of the summer counting days until kids go back to school, and now I find myself counting days until summer break.  

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