Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome May!

Its hard to believe that we've already completed 4 months of this year.

Where has the time gone?

I know many parts of the country haven't seen spring yet, but its been in full force here.  Spring brings flowers, and allergies.  My roses are gorgeous this year.  I have had people stop to ask what I did to make them so big.  My answer, nothing.  I totally ignored them for a year.  I just wasn't in the mood to deal with pruning them.

This will give you an idea of how big they are.  All my bushes, 6 in all, are like this.
Spring also brings a growth spurt with all the weeds.  Before our gardener would take care of the weeds for us, but he retired and the guy that took his place won't do it because of the roses.  Says it takes to much time to be careful around the rose bushes. 

I have been wanting to put mulch down but between money being tight and not having enough time, it never got done.  This weekend I decided it was time.  I priced different areas around town for mulch, and because I didn't need a lot, it was cheaper to go with buying bags from Home Depot. 
 I ran out of bags.  The guy told me that for a 45 ft x 10 ft that I would only need 10 bags.  He was wrong.  I should have gotten 20 bags. So I have to go back sometime this week to get the rest of the bags.  I also have to bribe talk Warrior into helping me get the mulch under the overhang on the left. Its full of spiders and snails, so its gonna have to be something good.

May also means there is only 1 month left of school.  Actually 5 1/2 weeks, but who's counting?

I think we are all ready for summer vacation.  This year the kids upped the activities they are in which means we are running all over town (and the central coast) almost every day.

Tonight is Warrior's last JV lacrosse game.  He has been pulled up a couple of times in the past few weeks for varsity, but after tonight he will officially be a varsity goalie.  He's more than proud of himself because this is a huge deal for a freshman.  Especially one that had never played before this year.

Its also a big deal for him because before the season started, there was some concern that he wouldn't be able to play because of everything going on.  Thankfully we found out that his chest pains are most likely caused by the muscles in his chest growing and being stretched out, so when he runs he over works them (breathing) causing them to cramp up.

If the pains are still there in August, then we will have to do more testing, but all the doctors at Stanford agree that this is what it most likely is.  He still has to listen to his body, and his heart, and if he starts having palpitations or dizzy spells then he has to stop whatever he is doing and call me right away.  

We are hoping we can hold off until he is done growing before they close the hole in his heart, but if it starts causing him problems it will have to be done sooner.

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