Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivation Needed

I need motivation.  Actually I need a friend that I can work out with to keep me motivated.

Warrior and I started a challenge on June 1st.  To walk at least a mile a day,  but to be up to 10,000 steps by July 1st. 

He's trying to stay in shape for lacrosse, and I need to lose weight.  A lot.

In September we are walking the Donate Life 5K at California's Great America.  I would like to be able to ride the rides comfortably with the kids.

So that is my first medium term goal. 

I have decided that my long term goal is my tattoo.  I finally decided what I want to get in memory of Tin Man.  So once I hit my goal, I'm gonna do it.

I just need motivation.  Part of my problem, ok a huge part, is pain and lack of energy.  Its hard to stay motivated when you hurt all the time.  Plus having days where I can barely drag myself out of bed doesn't help either.

I have to learn to work through these, its just going to take a lot of will power.

Those of you that are trying to lose weight, or have lost weight, what did you do for motivation?  

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