Monday, October 21, 2013

Preparing For SATs Already?

Last Wednesday Warrior took his PSATs.

Now we are looking toward next years SATs.

Where did the time go?  It doesn't seem like he should be 14, almost 15, a sophomore in high school, and preparing for college already.

It saddens me.  A LOT.

This weekend was also a huge reminder that even small things, weird things, make them realize just how much they miss their dad.

Warrior had a small meltdown because his dad wasn't there to cheer him on.  Its not something he even thought of before, but after the test it really hit him hard.

Its the little things that bring all the emotions back to the surface.

Today I ordered Warrior several books and flashcards to help him study for the SATs.  He wants to get into Stanford, so he's gotta get a jump on it.

I'm not to worried about him, but I figure he can use a little bit of a head start.

During my research I found one book written by a perfect score student.  (SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps: Perfect-Score Student Reveals How to Ace the Test)  He supposedly bombed the first time he took them, so he decided to learn all he could and ended up acing it the second time around.  I'm hoping this will give him some useful hints and study tools.

I remember from my SATs all the vocabulary.  When I came across 500 Key Words for the SAT I knew I had to get it for him.  It uses pictures and stories to help memorize the meanings. 

He may not be so excited when they get here, but one day he will thank me.  When he's  a big world famous heart surgeon he can thank me in the way of a nice car, maybe a house.

I can't believe my little boy is already so grown up and working his way towards the SATs next year. 

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