Thursday, December 5, 2013

Memorial Basketball Game

Last Tuesday (Nov 26) was the first memorial basketball game in honor of Tin Man.

After he was listed for his transplant, he saw a video of his cardiologist playing basketball.  He called him up and challenged him to a basketball game.  1 year after he got his transplant.

The day we got the call they had a heart for him, they started making plans.  The 12 days that Tin Man was awake after transplant, they talked about it almost daily.  Where and when.  This was something both of them were looking forward to.

Since they weren't able to play their game, we thought a basketball game would be a great way to honor him and also bring community awareness to organ donation.

Unfortunately Tin Man's cardiologist wasn't able to be there, but our favorite nurse came in his place. 

Warrior being interviewed before the game by local news.
My kid may be amazing, but he's definitely weird.
Warrior and our favorite nurse.  She beat him by 1 point.
Being interviewed after the game by the other local news.
Definitely had to take some pictures of my kiddos on the TV
Sugar Pea passed out programs and save the date flyers for the 3rd annual blood drive. 

All the proceeds from the came went into helping start up the scholarship fund in memory of Tin Man.  The coach wants to make this a yearly thing, turning it into a memorial game and fundraiser to keep the scholarship going.

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