Friday, February 7, 2014

Well Hello There

Well Hello There!  Its been a little while.  I started school a couple weeks ago and have been trying to get used to a new routine, not to mention homework.  All the homework.

Add to that the kids' activities and when I'm not in school, I'm in my car driving from one activity to another. 

If you haven't heard yet, California is in a horrible drought.  Like "seriously run out of water in the next 2 months" horrible.  Not all of California is about to run out of water, but 17 communities, including the area I live, are.  We've gotten a little rain the last few days but nothing like what we need.  We need lots and lots of rain. 

Ewok wasn't sure what to think about the rain.  Unfortunately he liked it and I had to chase him in it to get him back in the house.
I had a conference with Sugar Pea's teacher last week.  You have no idea how happy of a mom I am.  In math she is above grade level. In reading and science she is at grade level.  THIS is huge!  Since she wasn't diagnosed with the Visual Processing Disorder until the end of 4th grade, and at that point was about 3 years behind, having caught up in less than 2 years is amazing.  We still need to concentrate on writing, but he said even that has shown a huge improvement.  So proud of her!

Warrior has had an ingrown toenail for about a year.  The old doctor didn't want to remove it.  She did the antibiotics, epsom's salt, and hoping it would grow out.  Insurance issues forced me to find a new doctor for the kids.  This doctor took one look at it and said the nail had to come off.  That was 3 weeks ago and other than not having a nail, his toe looks normal, and is back to normal size.

soaking his foot and texting, of course.
 He took a break to watch her numb his toe.  I love the look on his face.
 back to texting while we wait to make sure its fully numb.
 off the phone to watch her remove his nail.  He looks a little to excited to be having this done.

He claims he needed a haircut because of lacrosse season, but I'm thinking the new girlfriend had a little play in it too.

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