Monday, June 30, 2014


1 month until we move.  Where has the time gone!

I feel like I get 1 box packed and everything else in the room multiplies.  I also find myself questioning where half of this stuff came from. 

Most of Tin Man's things are going into tubs and will be stored in his brother's garage for the time being.  I'm not fully ready to go through it all, but I also don't have time to try to start this project along with going through everything else.  

The kids are in Los Angeles this week with their grandma and uncle, and thankfully they got most of their rooms packed up before they left.  But I look around and see everything I still have to do.  Not to mention trying to find time for a yard sale.

Part of me wants to just make 1000 trips to Goodwill and forget the yard sale all together, but then the other part of me is screaming at me that the yard sale will help pay a good chunk of the movers.

Then once we make it to North Carolina, the fun of finding a house to rent.  

The fun never stops!

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