Sunday, November 13, 2011

To Read Lists

So much stress causes for many sleepless nights.  Since my husband has to sleep propped up on the couch (he can't breathe if he lays flat in bed) it leaves little for me to do during these nights.  So I find myself either reading or surfing the web.

Last night I decide to go through my To Read List and check off the ones I've already read.

That didn't take long so I decided to go through and add more to my list.

I love Shelfari because I can browse all sorts of books.  By series, themes, authors, and so many more.  Going through I found not only books I want to read, but books I read when I was younger.

I was so excited when I came across Anne of Green Gables.  Those were my favorite books when I was younger, I easily read each book in the series.  It was also one of my favorite tv shows.  I took those books with me where ever I went and would pull them out every chance I got.  I wish I still had my books so I could give them to Sugar Pea.  Every night we read together before she goes to sleep, and I would love to read these books with her.  She loves this mommy and her time so much she was telling me the other day that she wants more books for Christmas.

So I got to looking on Amazon and found the complete Anne of Green Gables boxed set.  I also found the Little House set, Junie B. Jones set 1-4, and Junie B. Jones set 5-8.  I can't wait until Christmas so we can start reading all of these together.

Shelfari also gave me a lot of ideas on books for Warrior.  He's been into Harry Potter for the last 3 years, but is finally getting tired of reading those same books and looking for new ones.  I bought him Percy Jackson 5 book set, Eragon series set,and The Golden Compass series.

Normally we get all our books at the library, but living in a small town they don't always have what we want which gets frustrating, fast.  Plus both of the kids have asked if they can start their own libraries in their rooms.

I figure if they are willingly asking for me to buy them more books, I'm not going to turn them down.

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