Saturday, November 5, 2011

Whale Watching - No Whales

If you've watched the news this last week you've probably seen at least one story on the whales in Santa Cruz.  Or the video of the surfer that was almost swallowed up.

We only live about 20 miles from Santa Cruz so we decided to go to the wharf today to see if we could see any.

Nope.  Apparently they left  area Monday before this cold weather moved in.  Would have been nice had the local news said this.  But no, they were reporting even last night about all the whales in the area.

There were a lot of disappointed people there.  Even though we didn't see any whales we still had a lot of fun watching the seals and sea lions.

These kayakers were highly upset that they weren't told the whales were gone when they were renting the boats.
The kids loved watching this one.  She almost rolled off twice.

Its hard to see in this picture, but we were told this mama was nursing her pup.

 Whale watching boat
Lighthouse, surfers, and spectators.
And we saw lots of birds

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