Thursday, December 8, 2011

Old People Are Like Kids...

...They forget about the filter that keeps certain things from coming out of your mouth.

Yesterday Tin Man had to have his 6 month heart cath.

I was sitting in the waiting room with about 12 other people.  This woman and her mother were sitting there while her father was in the back with Tin Man.

I was reading a book, a few were watching TV and a couple were quietly talking off in the corner.

Out of no where this old lady starts asking if she could have everyone's attention.

"Hi everyone.  Can I have your attention please.  I want to apologize for the fart.  You know when you get older you sort of lose control of certain things and sometimes one just slips out."

I doubt any of us would have known anything was going on if she hadn't brought our attention to it.

Then a few minutes later this small Asian doctor came into the room.

This lady starts grilling him about his size.

Old Lady - "Excuse me, but your a doctor right?"
Doctor - "Yes."
Old Lady - "Well being a doctor, don't you have access to things, like growth hormones?"
Doctor - ::stares::  (I swear he looked around to see if anyone else was looking)
Old Lady - "I'm just saying because I won't go to a doctor unless he's at least 5 feet 5 inches tall."
Doctor - "um, um, um.  I gotta go."

By this point this woman's daughter wants to crawl under the chairs and disappear forever.

She decided now would be a good time to take her mom for a little walk.

I so wanna be like her when I get old!

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