Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CHD Warrior - Baby Pierce

Baby Pierce is another little fighter that Sugar Pea and I check on every day.  Pierce was born 7 weeks premature with Heterotaxy Syndrome, TAPVR, Right atriall isomerism, common AV canal defect, 2 large VSD's, one common yet large ventricle (able to be divided into 2 functioning ventricles).  He's now 6 months old and had the open heart surgery he needed to repair his heart.

I started following Baby Pierce's story back in late November or early December.   This little guy has been through a lot in his short life.  Not to  mention everything his family has been through.

Some of you may have heard about Baby Pierce from Anderson Cooper 360.  This is the little boy that medicaid refused to transfer to a hospital that has 10 times more experience with his condition than the hospital he was at does.

After many many many CHD "Heart" Mom's got together to raise money and awareness about Baby Pierce, Elizabeth Cohen traveled to Indiana to do a story on Pierce.

After the story the hospital decided to pay for Pierce's transport to Boston Children's Hospital.

Like most CHD Warriors, Baby Pierce's story is on going.  I highly suggest following his amazing story on his Facebook page.

video from Anderson Cooper 360

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  1. Thank you for posting the video, I kept missing it on tv. Pierce and his Mommy are such fighters. I have been following his story. I am not a heart mom, but during my husband's illness I have met several and they have been so supportive.


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