Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love My Kindle

When the Kindle first came out I vowed I'd never get one.  I love reading books.  I love the way they smell and the way they feel.

Then in 2009 when Tin Man was in the hospital for 2 weeks and I was lugging around a bag full of books, I decided to give in.

Aldiko is an app for android phones.  I used that up until a month ago.    It's a great app, but it drained the battery on my phone really fast.  This was a problem when we were at clinic or the hospital because I didn't always have access to an outlet.

So when my mother in law asked what I wanted for Christmas this past year I asked for a Kindle.

I was rather surprised that her and my brother in law went in together to get it because normally I get cow related crap for Christmas.  They think its hilarious to get me cow crap because I hit a cow with my car several years ago.

Anyway, the only complaint I had about my Kindle was it didn't have a backlight.  Not a problem, I went out and bought a book light.  The 2 I bought were to heavy so I invested in a lighted Kindle cover.  I wish they would have come in different colors.  I chose the green one because it was on sale, and let me tell you this thing reminds me of several diapers I changed when my kids were little.

I read a lot and the kindle lets me have a variety of books at my finger tips.  A good friend and I decided to try to read 200 books in a year.  Granted if Tin Man gets his heart transplant its not going to work.  If he does get his transplant I'm going to aim for 150.

I'll update my list as I finish books.

200 Books in 2012

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