Thursday, March 1, 2012

Neighborhood Police Activity

We moved from LA area in August 2008.  Before we moved we constantly saw the police helicopter circling several times a day.  Car chases were a daily thing, if not a couple times a day.  We saw SWAT in our neighborhood 3 times in less than a year.  Kids' school being on lockdown several times. 

So when we moved up here, I was glad to be leaving all that behind us. 

In the 3 1/2 years that we've lived here we've seen several hit and runs in front of our house.  Those were mostly unlicensed drivers that took off.  We've also seen 2 police chases, but again those were unlicensed drivers that weren't smart enough to just stop.

We do have crime here, but it usually stays in a certain area.

So when it came to our neighborhood, it was a little shocking.

There was a standoff with police 2 blocks from my house.   From the news, the police went to serve a high risk warrant because one of them bought a gun.  This lead to a 4 hour standoff.

Before anyone asks, these were taken from my yard, 2 blocks away from where it was actually going on.  

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