Friday, April 6, 2012

Scary Moments

Its been 1 month since Tin Man got his new heart.  New heart is looking good, even with everything he's been through in the last week.  He was giving an amazingly strong heart, and one that I hope we get to enjoy very very soon.

If you'd like to Follow Tin Man's updates please like his Facebook page.  I update it on a regular basis.  I always forget or can't think straight to sit down and come up with a blog post.

We're at Stanford.  One of the best hospitals in the world.  So when a group of doctors, including the surgeons that did Tin Man's transplant look at you and tell you that we have never seen this before and we have no clue how to treat it, it becomes very scary, very fast.

We were even told that they had a group of doctors and med students going through medical journals looking to see if there was anything like this documented so they could come up with some ideas on how to fix it.

They were all taking guesses as to what to do to help him.  Thankfully their guesses worked and were able to get him stable and buy him some time to get his lungs to stop bleeding.

The type of ECMO machine he was put on, there's only 15 in the country, and Stanford has 3 of them.  Tin Man had 2 in his room.  The one he was on and a backup just in case he started clotting in the machine they could switch him over to the other machine.

I do know that if we'd been at almost any other hospital he wouldn't have survived, so I am very thankful to the doctors and nurses here.

He still has a long long uphill battle, but thankfully they were able to give him the chance to fight to recover.

This was taken last night.

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