Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

My mom has been with me for the last month.  She lives in South Carolina, and its been 4 years since I saw her last.  Having her here with me has helped so much this past month.  She's one of the few people in my family, even in my support system that understands what I'm going through and how much I really hate the world right now.  My dad passed away 18 years ago this month from lung cancer.  My step dad passed away 4 years ago waiting for a kidney transplant. 

She's been such a huge help not just with me, but with the kids too.  I'm so thankful to have her right now!

Its been a rough day.  Mother's Day is my day, but Tin Man played a huge roll in it.  He took the kids shopping, helped them make breakfast, and made sure the house was straightened up before they woke me up.

I never really realized just how much I looked forward to that every year.  Not having that this year just isn't fair.

The kids still did their best to make it a great day.

Warrior picked out the flowers for me and Sugar Pea picked out my gift.  They both made me breakfast in bed, and then worked on getting their chores done first thing.  Then we decided to do some work around the yard.
We had planned on going to the beach with some friends of ours, but its so cold, that we decided to wait until a nicer day.

I'm dreading Father's Day.  I'm trying to come up with some ideas to make the day easier on the kids.  Anyone have suggestions?

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