Monday, July 9, 2012

Slip and Slide Fun

The Oregon coast is beautiful, but so not warm.  It finally warmed up enough for the kids to play on the Slip and Slide.  Personally it was way to cold for me, but the kids had a blast.

I have 4 nephews.  Surfer Dude is 8, Porkchop is 6, Cheeseburger is 2, and Apple is 4 months old.  I let Cheeseburger pick the nicknames I used, and since he's a 2 year old boy, all of them were after his favorite foods. Surfer Dude was supposed to be Bologna, but he wasn't fond of that name, so I let him pick his.

Warrior and Sugar Pea are loving this time with their cousins.  We haven't been to Oregon in 4 years.  The last time we came up was just before we moved.  We were supposed to come up the following summer, but that was when Tin Man got sick and we weren't able to go far from the hospital.  So I hadn't met the 2 younger nephews until this trip.  I hate living so far away, and would love to live closer, but that's not a decision I'm willing to make any time soon.

Sugar Pea is having a love hate relationship with being the only girl.  She loves being the only granddaughter because Grandma spoils her rotten with all the girly stuff, but she's been a little annoyed being surrounded by all the boys.  I'm pretty sure she'd be happy to never see another Transformer after these last 2 weeks.  She's made friends with some of the girls in the neighborhood the last few days, so she isn't stuck with just yucky boys.


  1. This looked like lots of fun. I always wanted to get one of these for the compound I live in seeing how we have 6 kids between the ages of 1 to 8 living here. Will definitely purchase one when I in the US and use it over the summer holiday.
    I am your newest follower and hope you follow back.

    PS love the nick names you gave your crew ... cute.

  2. Cute pics. Reminds me of the pic on my fosterparentrescue Facebook page!
    new follower from the friday blog hop. Enjoying your blog!

  3. Nothing like a slip-n-slide. My kids love them, too, regardless of the weather. My daughter's solution to the all boy surroundings (she has 5 brothers) is to simply turn the youngest into a girl. He is forever being "done up" in hair clips, dresses, and jewelry.

  4. Oh how much fun. = ) I love how the little one named all the kiddo's after food. How sweet. Well, I am glad "Sugar Pea" found some girl friends in the neighborhood to play with. I can see how Transformers would get boring after a while...perhaps they should LINK UP with a Barbie.. = )



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