Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dieting and Grieving

As we all know, sticking to a diet is hard enough under normal circumstances. Let me tell you, dieting while grieving is 100 times harder.
I've done good this past week, but its been hard. I've been depressed and having to force myself to get out of bed. Not to mention I want my comfort foods.

I've wanted to give in so many times, and the only thing that has stopped me is I got rid of it all. Not a trace of any of my comfort foods in my house.

I have been tempted to jump in the car and drive to the store for some cheesecake or chocolate. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as it has chocolate in it, or cheesecake.

So instead of giving in, I replaced my chocolate cravings with a chocolate Slim Fast shake. Before some of you freak out, I'm not doing the Slim Fast diet, I'm just using the chocolate shake as a replacement for a large chocolate candy bar.

My grief isn't going away any time soon, so I had to find a way to give in but with something that won't make me feel worse instead of better.

I know, I know, food isn't the answer. I am working on it, I promise, but like I said, its 100 times harder with this emotional roller coaster I'm on.

On a better note, the kids and I sat down and made up a menu plan for the next couple of weeks. More fresh fruits and veggies, and less prepackaged foods. Getting them on board will help me stay on track.


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