Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally Made a Decision

While we were in South Carolina this summer the kids decided they wanted to move out there.  They loved being around my family, and had family their age to hang out with.  While we were there I looked at some houses and met with the guidance counselor at the high school.  
The kids wanted to stay there and me come home, pack up everything, and go back out there.  The ONLY thing that stopped me then was that Warrior's math credits wouldn't transfer.  Since he took his math class (actually 2 math classes) at the high school his 8th grade year, he went into high school with 20 math credits.  Because he was in 8th grade and not high school, those math credits wouldn't transfer.

Neither of the kids were happy, but once we got home and back into school, they seemed to have gotten over being angry at mom.  We sat down this weekend and came up with a pros and cons list.  The cons list was 3 times as long as the pros.  So we decided we're going to stay here for now.

Warrior is excited about the cardiothoracic internship at Stanford he applied for next summer.  This program is open world wide, but there is a program just for California high school students that he wants to apply to after his sophomore year.

Not to mention he has his next 20 years all planned out and that includes the health academy at the high school here.  He can get into the health academy his 10th grade year.  All his classes will be geared toward getting him into the medical field after he graduates.  They will also help him get his CNA license when he's 16, and help him get internships at the local hospital or doctor's office.

Tin Man's local cardiologist along with his cardiologist at Stanford said they'd love to have him intern for them.  Plus the transplant surgeon has told us several times he will do whatever he can to help Warrior reach his goal. 

The high school out there is just basic high school classes.

I'm also concerned with Sugar Pea changing schools right now.  We finally know what's going on and how change her IEP to help her, and I'm afraid changing schools will set her back.  I also think the smaller school atmosphere is better for her.  The parent involved school allows for more 1 on 1 time with the kids.  I feel like she'd just be lost in a larger school and not get the help she needs.

I considered homeschooling her, but I'm not sure its the greatest thing for her, especially right now.  Being surrounded by her friends has helped her deal with everything so much better than I ever imagined.

We moved a year after my dad died, because of my sister's health, and being ripped away from all my friends was hard.  It made coping with everything that much harder.

Warrior wants to play Lacrosse and the high school out there doesn't have it.  He's been training everyday after school and so excited for the season to start.  He tried to tell me that not playing isn't that big of a deal, but I know it is.  He's got the same look that I got when it came to softball.

I would love to be closer to my family, especially my mom, but I have to look at the big picture.   I also hate that no one there, aside from family, knows Tin Man.  I know no matter where I live, we'll always have the memories, but the thought of moving away from here made me feel like I was losing him all over again.

Staying here means a lot of things have to change, but I have faith that everything will work out.

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