Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boardwalk Arcade and Lots of Tickets

We went to the board walk a couple nights ago.  We had some out of town friends come to visit and figured it would be a great place for the kids to hang out, and we could sit back and just watch.

Warrior's favorite game was the Ski Ball Basketball.  You roll the ball up like you do in ski ball, but its got 9 baskets with different points.

 Sugar Pea's favorite was anything that spit out the tickets the fastest.  She even found one that returned 2 quarters to her.
 So many tickets!
 Its hard to see the number but it was at 1078 and they still had more.  The machine broke and we had to wait for someone to come print out their receipt and then put the rest of the tickets into another machine.  All together they had almost 1500 tickets.
 I was amazed at how cheap the prizes were.  Sugar Pea picture out this hat, that Warrior wore most of the night, for 850 tickets.  Warrior let Sugar Peas use most of the tickets because there wasn't anything there he wanted.  Well that mom was ok with him getting.
It was fun, and something I think we're going to do once a month.  Either the arcare or the mini golf.  Just something to get us out of the house and spending time as a "normal" family and not this insane one we're turning into.

Who knew having a child in high school turned you into an insane taxi driving mom.

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  1. Hang in there. And just so you know....I LOVE skeeball or whatever it's called.


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