Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Layaway and Plans

Did you know you can put things on layaway at Kmart, from  I was so excited when I found out this was possible because I have a coupon for 10% off my order, online only.  Layaway is my way of hiding presents until I'm ready to wrap them and not worry about snooping.

Only half the stuff I want to put on layaway they don't have in stock at this store.  I even checked with surrounding stores, and none of them have all of what I want.

I even looked at stores in Southern California.  Since we've been talking about spending Christmas down there with my brother in law.  It would be a lot easier to just pick up everything down there, instead of up here and having to drag it down there with us.

I guess once I decide on what exactly the kids and I are doing, I'll figure out how I'm going to do the shopping.

The kids and I decided we don't want to have Christmas here this year.  Halloween was hard enough, we don't want to wake up Christmas morning in this house.

When I think about Christmas morning here that hole in my chest opens up a little more.  All of the Christmas traditions that we started together.  Some since we've been married, some we started after we moved here.

I do plan on continuing them, but this year we need a break.

We've been invited to my brother in law's house and a friend's house in Southern California.  We've also been invited to a friend's house here.  We've also had someone offer us their cabin in Tahoe for a few days.

I'm not sure what I want to do.  The cabin is out because I don't really want to be alone.  I'd rather be surrounded by people.  Its much harder to mope around with people around.  I'm leaning towards Southern California because I can see friends while I'm down there.

If I do choose So Cal, then the kids and I will head to Oregon for Easter. 

I have lots to think about.  It would be much easier if we could just skip over the next few months altogether.

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