Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Meanest Mom

This past weekend I spent a lot of time threatening my kids.  No Christmas.  No birthday presents.  No cell phone.  No friends.

If they didn't get their rooms clean.

Warrior's room smells a lot like teen age boy.  Not to mention things go in there and then disappear.  I'm thinking there's a black hole in there full of pencils, pens, and crayons.  Lots of crayons.

Sugar Pea has turned into a mini hoarder the past few months.  If they were to do a show on child hoarders, they could feature her room.  Need 100s of plastic bags.  She's got them for you.  Need scratch paper.  She could start her own recycling plant.  Empty (and clean) milk jugs?  No problem.

Therapist says this is normal.  I'm pretty sure she'd change her mind if her child was the one doing it.

So this past weekend I turned into the Meanest Mom.  I'm sure both kids were ready to run out and buy me a trophy engraved with this on it.

Little did they know that I had bought Warrior's birthday/Christmas present, and needed a clean room to put it in.  Now I'd be an even worst Mean Mom had I forced him to clean his room and no Sugar Pea, so of course both were forced to clean. 

Warrior asked if he could combine his birthday and Christmas presents this year so he could get a bigger gift.  I asked what and he rattled off about 20 different things including an iPad, a Bowflex, an iPhone, and much more expensive electronic items.

Not happening.  I thought maybe a gym membership, so I priced how much one for him would cost, but between registration fees and monthly fees it was pricey.  Not to mention I'd need one for myself, and then Sugar Peas would want one too.

I finally talked to a friend of mine and asked where the best, yet cheapest place for a home gym would be, and she told me she bought hers at Walmart and other than having to put it together, she didn't have any complaints about it.  I went over and checked hers out and decided I really wanted one for myself.

So I ordered one for Warrior.  You know, its his present, but he has to let his mom try it out and make sure its safe on a regular basis.

Finally got his room clean and I went to pick this up yesterday.  I'm pretty sure my car hated me after I got that thing in it and drove home.  Then watching me and 2 friends try to get the box up my stairs.  I decided to leave the box on the porch and carry it in the house piece by piece.

So when Warrior got home there were metal pieces all over his floor.

 We got busy putting this thing together.  let me tell you this was not made to be put together by short people.  I'm not even 5' and even though Warrior thinks he's tall, he's only 5'4.  As you can imagine, this was fun, and I'm pretty sure would have been hilarious to watch.

 Instructions say about 3 hours to assemble.  YEAH RIGHT!  More like 5 hours with an hour break for dinner.  Sugar Peas gave up and went to bed at 9.  Warrior wanted to quit at 9:30 and go to bed.  We finally finished it just after 10.  Then he was to excited to try it out to even think about sleeping. 
I waited until this morning to make sure that its safe enough for him to use.  Let me tell you, that little safety inspection has muscles I had forgotten about burning.

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  1. What a cute post. I hear ya, on using muscles that you forgot exsisted. I struggle with that situation often, but once I get through the rough stage of getting my body use to activity I start to thrive and yearn for more of it.

    Great gift for Warrior and the family. :)


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