Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hiking, Thieves, and Police

I've been depressed lately.  With all these first coming at me one after the other, I can't recover from one before the next one is here.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided the kids and I were going to go for a hike or 2.

Being out of the house was great.  Something all 3 of us needed.  It was great to see the kids laughing and playing, and even though we were in the middle of town, it felt like we were 1000 miles away from everything.

I wish I had one of these trees in my yard.  We talked about planting one for Tin Man, think we might do that soon.

 The kids had a great time watching this guy.  I bent over to tie my shoe and he chose that minute to swoop down to get his catch.  Kids were bummed I didn't get pictures of it.
 So many ducks.  Kids want to go back to see all the baby ducks later on.
 I hate everything we have been through, and wish I could change it and take away all the pain these 2 kids have gone through.  But I do love that it has brought them closer together.  Most of the time.

 He just had to have a picture of him pretending he was falling.
It was a fun day.  We had walked all around this slough, and decided we weren't done.  So we headed back to the car to head out to one of the state parks to hike a 5 mile trail.

Plans were changed quick when we got back to the car.  I unlocked it and noticed that everything from the glove box was all over the seat.  Then I realized Sugar Pea's Kindle was gone, checked the trunk, and my purse, Warrior's school backpack, and all of his lacrosse gear was gone. 

Warrior didn't get his window rolled all the way up, was down about an inch.  Just enough for someone to stick something through and unlock the door. 

Called the cops, and while waiting for them realized that they had all my information along with my house keys.  So we raced home to check out the house, and then wait for a friend to bring the set of house keys they have. 

Cop shows up, takes statement, and inventory of everything that was taken.  Then dusts my car for prints.  My brand new, less than 2 weeks, car!!!

Once the cop realized that Tin Man was my husband, he was furious.  He said normally it angers him when people break into cars, but knowing Tin Man through work, he said this was closer to home. 

Then my oh so awesome friend, went for a bike ride in the area where we were parked and found some of our things.  My purse, with wallet minus all the important things, Warrior's backpack, empty except for his library books.  And most of his lacrosse gear.  I was so excited he had that back since we were renting most of it from the school.  They took his stick and his cleats, but those I paid for.  Still angry that they are gone, but not as bad as something that wasn't ours.
I have to say I have some great friends.  Because they have my house keys and my information, I was very worried about them coming to my house.  So friends loaned me some money to get by this week, but also so I could run and buy new locks. 

Warrior and I changed them last night, but even with the new locks, every little noise last night woke me up. 

Of course its a holiday weekend, so I have to wait until Tuesday to replace my ID.  I have to replace Sugar Pea uses the Kindle for school as part of her IEP to help with her reading.  So its important that its replaced.  Also Warrior's first game is Wednesday, so gotta get the cleats and the stick. 

You never know what all you rely on on a daily basis until its gone. 

So my relaxing day turned into a nightmare, but everything that was taken was materialistic and can be replaced.  I'm just thankful we didn't walk back to the car while this was going on and no one was hurt.


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