Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange Peels and Vinegar

When I was little I can remember my grandma having jars with lemon and orange peels on her kitchen windowsill.  Back then I always thought it was weird, but blew it off as the "old person" weirdness.  Now I know that she was actually making the citrus scented cleaner that I loved so much.

I loved going to her house to clean.  I would clean any and every surface in her house because of the smell of her cleaner.

Seeing the post going around on Facebook about orange peels in mason jars filled with vinegar.  I flashed back to all the jars on my grandma's windowsill and realized what she was doing.

Since I've been eating a ton of oranges, I figured I'd put those peels to good use.  I go through 4 or 5 naval oranges in a day, so I have a lot.  I am making some for my daughter's teacher, for friends, and for my own personal use. 

Next I plan on trying lemon and limes.

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