Saturday, June 8, 2013

10 day elliptical workout

With summer vacation here, I now have a lot more free time. 

This week I had a long talk with my doctor.  After I left I wasn't to happy, but had to admit she was right.

I also had to admit it was time to dust off the elliptical I just had to buy and get my butt in shape.

So I called a friend of mine to ask for help. He's a personal trainer at a gym in LA.  I worked with him a couple of times before we moved.  But since we moved my world was turned upside down, and I just couldn't stick with anything. 

My biggest thing right now is pain.  Part is from the extra weight, and part is from the Lupus.  Either way its hard to stick with something when you're in pain 90% of the time.

So Trainer and I worked out a 10 day schedule to ease me into my elliptical.

This may not work for everyone, and may seem a bit wimpy, but I need easy to begin with.  It also will help me make working out a habit instead of dreading it.

Also during this I am doing exercises to help strengthen my leg muscles, but also help with the tendons and ligaments in my knees and ankles.  I am also going to talk to my rheumatologist at my appointment this week about physical therapy again.

After the 10 days it starts over but adding resistance to it.  Eventually I will up the time to 30 minute sessions twice a day.

I am focusing on what I can do and not how fast I can lose the weight.  I have learned in the past focusing on what I need to do to make the scale move is to much to fast, so I need to ease my way into it.

Like I said, this isn't for everyone, and may seem like a wimpy way to go about it, but its what I need.

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