Monday, August 19, 2013

Oregon, Family, and Fun

This summer has gone by so fast.  We are still having a hard time being at home all the time, so we headed to Oregon to spend some time at my sister's.  My mom flew in the week before we got there, so it was great to spend the time with her, my sister, and my nephews.

Normally when we drive up to Oregon we stop along the way at different things.  This time we decided to just drive straight through with minimal stops.

This was a good thing since my mom and my sister texted us every 30 minutes wanting to know how much longer until we got there.  Let me tell you, that makes for a very long trip.

2 days after we got there my nephew had his tonsils out, so he wasn't in any shape to do much of the fun stuff we had planned on doing.  So we just hung out at my sisters, or walked around down town while he lounged at home.

One night when we took the dogs for a walk we stopped to check out the waves and got a nice surprise.  A mommy and baby hump back whale.

You can see the hump of the mom
 Blow spout

Most of the time while we were there it was overcast and cold.  Finally after a week there was a warmer day, so we decided to take most of the kids to the beach to build sand castles and check out some of the tide pools.

Once we got there I was the only one interested in tide pools.  The kids instantly went for the sand castles.

 A boy and his dog.
When we first got to the beach it was so foggy you could barely see 100 feet in front of you.  Within a half hour the fog had burned off and it was blue and so pretty.

We were sad to leave my sister and my nephews, but we were happy to head home too. Hate that we live so far away.

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  1. your pictures look amazing :D
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