Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Redwoods

On our way home from Oregon we decided to drive down the coast and through the redwoods.

These are one of my favorite areas of California.  The trees are amazing and you really can't imagine the size until you are standing in front of one.

To give you an idea, Warrior is 5' 6" tall.

These tree houses were so cute.  They are made out of a hollow trunk and even have an upstairs.


  1. Wow, those trees are amazing! Love the tree houses!!

  2. Thats was a great choice to visit the Redwoods, they are so amazing. I cant believe how old some of them are. Thank you for stopping by Create Positive Change WW Wishing you well, Karren

  3. We used to live in Northern California and I still miss those amazing trees! Your two kiddos look really happy there.
    Happy WW!

  4. I went to the Redwoods when I was 11 and my Dad's camera broke while on the trip but we didn't know it until the film was blank and the developer place. Thank goodness for digital cameras now. Thanks for linking and hosting. I too was a widow for 9 years. The first 4 years were the worst. "Life is for the living", is what I would tell myself. Hope that helps.

  5. Beautiful memories, I can say! I am your newest GFC follower.


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