Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kitchen Wants

I hate my kitchen.   Its a good size room, with very little cabinet space, about 2 feet of counter space and a huge open area.

The stove blocks a cabinet making it very hard to get in there.  So that's used for the items we don't use often.

Not to mention the area where my washer and dryer are (and only place they can me) is such a cramped area that my washer is in the corner surrounded by the dryer and the fridge.

Its hard enough to get to the bottom of the washer when your short, but when you're trying to get to it from an angle is almost impossible.

Since we are renting there isn't much I can do about most of these.  But I have been looking around at some kitchen organization items that would be a huge help.

Organize It All Can Rack  --  To help with food storage we had to buy some extra shelves to put under the sets of cabinets.  This has our microwave along with rotissary, and toaster on it too.  Plus a lot of the canned foods.  I would love to be able to squish the canned foods (since we don't use many) into a small area of the cabinet.

Large Two Shelf Organizer -- With very little cabinet space a lot of that is taken up between dishes and pots, pans, and bakeware.  I would love to be able to minimize the space that the dishes take up so I can put the bakeware in the same cabinet.

Ikea Bekvam Wooden Spice Rack/Organizer in Birch (2-pack) -- These would be perfect to fit on the back of my stove and hold all the spices.  Would also put them in reach without having to walk over to the cabinet they are in all the time.

Baxton Studio Meryland White Modern Kitchen Island Cart --  I also would love to by a small cabinet on wheels that I could use as a cutting board while I'm cooking.  This would also give me a couple extra cabinets for storage too. 

Eventually I will get around to buying all of these.  Right now I have a few other big things to get done before I get to organizing everything better.  The first being a deep clean of each room.  

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