Sunday, July 13, 2014

My poor Ewok

The last couple of months haven't been easy on poor Ewok.  He came down with Parvo and was sick for a week.  Even worse was I had to give him IVs several times a day plus the meds and antibiotic shots.  He didn't like me to much for a while there.

Then we had to start the parvo vaccines all over again, which means a trip to the vet each month for the shots. 

Then the last 2 weeks we've been into the vet 4 times because he got 2 foxtails in his ear.  Which caused an infection, and when the doctor took them out she ended up cutting the inside of his ear which also got infected.

Thankfully he's doing so much better now.  Unfortunately my bank account isn't.

This little sweetie cracks me up.  With all the times we've been to the vet you'd think he'd not want to get out of the car.  Nope.  He jumps out of the car and then runs over to the little doggie area.  It's not until we actually get in the building that he realizes where we are and then suctions himself as flat as he can get and refuses to move.   

He's even perfected his pout.

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