Monday, May 4, 2015

Varsity Lacrosse

Warrior tried out and made the varsity lacrosse team.  Not only did he make the team but he was the starting goalie.

The coaches were amazed with his talent and told me, many times, how thankful they were we decided to move here.

Before the season officially started they had 3 scrimmages.  They won all 3, by more than 6 goals each game.  Warrior couldn't wait for the official season to start.

On February 23rd, his junior year of playing lacrosse came to an abrupt halt.

I picked him up from practice and he had his left hand bandaged up along with a note from the trainer suggesting I get his hand xrayed because the knuckle on his little finger wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Warrior was pretty sure his pinky finger was broken.

It wasn't.  He broke off his knuckle.

At the ER they were talking about possibly having to do surgery, but they talked to an ortho doctor and he explained how to splint it until we could get in to see a dr the next day.

Let me tell you, in Redneckville there aren't many ortho doctors close.  Not to mention this was also during the week that it snowed and the entire state freaked out and closed down.

Thankfully the doctor was able to get us in.

He was concerned about the possibility of surgery, but decided to try and numb the hand and then push the bone back into place.  Then splint it, while pinching the fiberglass around the broken piece. 

Then xrays in a week.  Then more xrays 2 weeks later.  They decided then that he didn't need surgery, but he was going to stay in the splint instead of getting a cast.  The splint they were able to pinch the fiberglass to hold the bone in place and that wasn't going to work with a cast.

6 weeks.  Then 2 weeks of physical therapy to get motion back in his wrist and the 2 fingers.

This took us to a week after the season was over and into playoffs.  Since he didn't get to play during the normal season, he wasn't able to play in the playoffs.

This bummed him out, but he was thrilled that his team made it to the 2nd round of playoffs.

His team was also chosen for the South Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse Ret Thomas Sportsmanship Award.  This is awarded to 2 teams in the state.  One boy's team and one girl's team.  The refs and officials choose who they think had the best sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

So proud of these boys!

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