Sunday, June 28, 2015

1 Year No Bullying

I realized today that it has been 1 year since we haven't had to deal with bullying.

1 very peaceful year.

We dealt with the bullying from the time Sugar Pea was in 2nd grade until we moved after the end of 6th grade.

5 years dealing with not only the bullying from the children, but also from the parents.

The bullying started out about Sugar Pea's freckles and her being white (90% of the town was Hispanic).  Then went to Tin Man being sick and Sugar Pea was going to spread his cooties.   After Tin Man died, it got 10 times worse, and the parents were nasty.

The school tried to deal with it, but in the end they pretty much gave up.  The parents were putting it all on Sugar Pea.  She's too sensitive and needs to toughen up.  She needs to get over it (it being her dad's death) and move on.  The school was in need of the money, so they wouldn't suspend the kids, and the "detentions" they got weren't punishments.

These 2 main bullies had most of the class scared.  If they were friends with Sugar Pea, they were treated horribly.

It got to the point I contacted a lawyer.  My child was beginning to hate school and hate herself.  Even after talking with the lawyer, I decided it was time to leave.  Which is one of the main reasons why we moved from California to South Carolina.

I can't believe the huge change in Sugar Pea in this last year.  She's happy, smiley, and has so much confidence.  She has a lot of friends, and constantly wanting to be drove to hang out with them.  Her teachers even told me they noticed a big change in her from the first day of school to the last.  She even got an award for biggest improvement, both schoolwork and attitude.

Everyday that I look at her and see her blossoming and being the girl I know was hidden deep down inside, lets me know that I made the right decision by moving us here.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your daughters experience during such a difficult family time. Hope you all continue to heal and grow! Freckles are the best thing ever!!


    1. Oh yes, we love freckles. I told her from the time she was real little that they were angel kisses. Then a few days after her daddy died, a really dark freckle showed up on her nose in the shape of a heart. She knew right away that it was so dark because that was were he daddy was giving her all his kisses.

  2. I'm glad this last year has been so much better for your daughter. How neat that even the teachers mentioned her improvement! Great decisions mom!

    1. Thanks. It feels great knowing that such a huge decision paid off more than I ever thought possible.


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