Monday, August 3, 2015

Trying To Save What We Have Left

I have had a few emails asking about what's going on and what the link on twitter is about.

Long story short, the moving company I used to move from California to South Carolina quoted me one price, but then added another $1600 to the price.  

When they came to the house and loaded up everything they quoted me at one price.  I payed $1000 of it then, and was supposed to pay the other $1500 when they unloaded the truck in South Carolina.  Once I found a storage place, I called them to give them the address.  I was then told I was over weight and it was going to cost another $1600 on top of the $1500 I still owed them.  I was quoted the price on how many square feet my belongings were, not weight.  Even the contract says sq ft.  

They then offered me storage for $99 a month until I could come up with the extra money.   I knew it was going to take some time because I was also having to come up with the money for deposit on a place to live.  So I had everything put in storage.

It was going to be put into storage here anyway, so I wasn't concerned.  Paid the $99 every month for storage.  Then 2 weeks ago I get something in the mail stating that I owe A LOT of money on storage.  Why?  Because they have been charging me $275 a month PLUS $15 a month for not paying the full price.  I called in every month to make a payment.  Never once was I told anything about the $275.  Never once was I told that I wasn't paying the correct amount.

Now they are threatening to auction off all of my belongings.  Most of it is just things.  BUT I have what we have left of Tin Man in there.  Pictures.  Quilt.  Letters.

I have contacted a lawyer, but he told me the best route would be to pay off, get my belongings in my possession, and then contact someone about going after them.

These are what I am trying to save.  Pictures of my kids with their dad.  Our wedding pictures.  Family pictures.  

 This quilt Warrior's class made in 7th grade as a fundraiser for medical bills.  Each student designed a square, Sugar Pea, Tin Man and I, and the teacher also designed one.  It was auctioned off on Valentine's Day that year.  The woman that won it was a long time friend of Tin Man's.  They went to preschool through high school together.  When Tin Man died she brought it to the funeral to give to the kids.  Said that it deserved to be with them.  I NEED TO SAVE THIS!

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