Monday, October 12, 2015

Glass Beads + Nail Polish

I love crafts.

So of course I volunteered to come up with some craft ideas for a craft bazaar at church.

I needed to come up with something that would be easy for the kids to do.

After scouring Pinterest for ideas.  I found the well known glass bead magnets.

I decided to change it up a little and use some old nail polish I found in a box.

glass beads

Glass beads

Then I decided to try adding some glitter ones to the mix

glass bead workspace

Glass beads with glitter
glass beads with glitter

Then the kids decided they wanted to make some Donate Life to send to some fellow Donate Life volunteers.  These we plan on making into magnets, push pins, and paperclips.  

What is your favorite Pinterest find craft?


  1. Those turned out great! I love finding things on Pinterest. We found a fun bean bag toss game on Pinterest to use at our church's Easter event earlier this year. I've also found great organizational tips for my home.

    1. I love looking for organizational ideas on Pinterest.


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