Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Class Bully

We've been dealing with a bully problem in my daughter's class for the last 2 years.

In 2nd grade the girl tried to cut my daughter's ponytail off.  Plus there was the name calling, and the you can't play with us.

In 3rd grade it got bad.  She threw water on my daughter and then told everyone she wet her pants.  Then her and 2 of her friends made up a song to sing to her.  Then she started threatening my daughter.  Told her that if she told anyone what was going on that she was going to come to school sick and cough in Sugar Pea's face so that she would go home and make her daddy sick, then he would die.  So as an 8 year old, this scared her, so she stopped telling me what was going on.  I would find out a little bit here and there from her friends or other parents in the class.

The 3rd grade teacher was really good about handling the situation at first, until the parents came in and started screaming at her.  Then she got a little scared of them, and stopped handling things the way they should have been.

At the end of the school year the class had a play.  They were doing a dress rehearsal at school and had to go into the bathroom to change.  When my daughter went into the bathroom stall to change, this little monster started screaming at her to hurry up.  Then started throwing things at her because she was taking to long.  3 open stalls, but she wanted the one Sugar Pea was in.  One of the other girls in the bathroom didn't like this and went and got the principal.  She took the kids in and talked to them and explained to them that what they were doing was bullying and that it wasn't going to be tolerated at the school.  The bully's 2 friends realized then that they needed to stop.  Unfortunately the bully didn't seem to care.

I found out about this situation from the parent of the girl that went to get the principal.  I talked to the principal to find out what happened and she explained the situation and apologized for not telling me what was going on, that she thought the teacher was going to talk to me about it.

The last day of school I sat down with the teacher, the principal, and the girl's mother to try to get things sorted out.  That didn't work to well.  She told me I was being to sensitive and that's just how her daughter is.  Then she went on to say that she's uncomfortable at the school because my husband's sick and he went into the class and talked to the kids and she doesn't want him infecting her kids.  OMG!  This pissed me, and both the teacher and principal off.  My husband and I went into the class to talk to the kids about what's going on with him.  Explained to them that he was born with a broken heart and now because his heart is to tired, he needs a new one.  We explained to them that he's sick but its not something he could spread from person to person.  This showed me just how ignorant the woman really is and opened my eyes to why her child is the way she is. 

Over the summer I talked to the 4th grade teacher about the problems, and he assured me that he would put a stop to it.

This little monster started in the 1st week of school.  She didn't like Sugar Pea's new glasses.  Told her that only ugly kids would wear those glasses, and that if it were her she would never come back to school if she had to wear them.

She would throw things at Sugar Pea, put gum in her hair, twice, and she's back to the "death" threat against her dad.

I talked to the teacher probably 4 times in the first 2 weeks of school.  The only difference this year is the little monster has turned on half the class.  She grabbed a hand full of compostable food (from the garbage area) and smashed it in one kids face and put it in another girl's hair.

We are in the 8th week of school and she's already had 3 Friday detentions, and has another one this Friday.  The teacher has tried to talk to the parents once already and they blame it all on me.  Saying that me and Sugar Pea are to sensitive and we need to realize that's just how the little monster is.

The teacher this year seems on it, and I'm hoping the  parents either realize that there is a problem, or get tired of the teachers "picking" on their child and leave the school.

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  1. I'm having a new issue. It's now the 2 block walk home from school and older kids are picking on my 3rd grader. I am going to have to stop work mid afternoon and go walk her home. Which I will because I want to keep her safe. But this is nonsense. Makes me wonder who their parents are. I know my daughter is not an angel, but we do discuss good behavior versus bad behavior quite frequently.


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