Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Traditions

When Tin Man and I got married, one thing we talked about was Christmas Traditions.  Traditions we wanted to carry over from our childhoods and new things we wanted to start.

When I was younger we would bake cookies and then decorate them and take over to the neighbors.  This was something I really missed when we moved.  We'd been neighbors and friends for 13 years.  So when we moved away, it felt like there was a large whole in our Christmas Eve.

We also got to open one present on Christmas Eve.  This present was always pajamas, but we looked forward to it every year.  After the presents were opened and we were changed into our new pajamas, we would make hot chocolate and watch a movie.  It wasn't always a Christmas movie, just something all 3 of us kids could agree on.

 These were definitely something I wanted to bring to my kids.

Tin Man's family tradition was making the kids wait to open presents until after they all had a bowl of oatmeal.  This was something Tin Man always hated and couldn't wait to do away with.

One tradition we started recently was buying the kids a few "family" presents.  These are always board games or 4 player video games.  We started family game night and area alway looking to add more games to our stockpile.

This year we bought the kids Family Game Night Fun Pack which includes Operation, Connect 4, Jenga, Bop It, Pictureka, Clue, Life Mouse Trap, and more!  We also bought Monopoly Deal and Sorry Revenge card games.

Many of the memories I have of my childhood are the traditions we had and I want my kids to have to same memories.  Things they want to pass on to their kids too.

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