Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kids Came Up With a Fundraiser

When all of this first started Warrior really wanted to pretend it wasn't happening.  When Tin Man was in the hospital Warrior just pretended he was back in Southern California visiting his family.  He refused to talk about it.  I finally gave him a journal to write his feelings about anything.  I told him that he could keep the journal private, share it, or burn it in the fireplace.  He chose to burn it because he didn't want to take the chance of anyone reading it. 

In Nov 2010 when the first newspaper article came out he was mortified because people, mainly his friends, wanted to ask him questions about it.  That was until his class decided they wanted to do something to help us.  They designed a quilt.  Each student, the teacher, Sugar Pea, and I got to design a square and then the teacher and her friend quilted it all together.  The kids then raffled it off.  They raised $1500 and were beyond proud of themselves.

All of his friends coming together like that, Warrior started to open up more about what's going on.  Once he started asking us questions, he became more and more interested in knowing what's going on and what to expect.

Now a year later he's doing his graduation project on transplants.  The history of them, the process to being put on the list, and even the wait to get one.  We are waiting on a call back from the transplant coordinator on setting up a meeting with her and with one of the surgeons so Warrior can sit down and interview them.

He's come a long way in just a year and I'm so proud of him.

A couple of weeks ago while we were on our way home from somewhere the kids came up with an idea for a fundraiser.  A kids only art show/sale. 

I thought it was a great idea and immediately starting trying to get more info on it.

Last night Warrior asked me if he could be in charge of it and me just help him when he really needs it. 

I'm so proud of him.  My little man is growing up and into a great person.

Look for more information on the fundraiser.


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