Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor

I had the chance to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over near my house.

Since it was still foggy when I dropped Sugar Peas off at school, I decided to head south to a favorite place Tin Man and I used to go.  It was one place we'd always stop at while we were in the area, just to watch the sea lions, sea otters, and many different kinds of birds.

It was hard being there without him, but at the same time, I felt at peace.  Like he was all around me.  This would have been like Christmas for him.  He would have dragged us out of bed in the middle of the night and drove us up to Moffett Field near San Jose.

There was about 30 of us waiting there.  I was sitting off to the side at a picnic table.  This lady came over to ask me if everything was ok.  She told me that she'd been watching me and I just looked so sad that she wanted to make sure I was ok.  I told her that this was a favorite spot for my husband and I to go, and that he passed away in April.

She met Tin Man a couple of years ago at a blood drive he was volunteering at.  She said she doesn't remember anyone else from that day, just him.  He made such an impact on her because he was waiting for a heart transplant but he was still out helping other people.  She told me because of him, she decided to put in 4 hours a week volunteering around town.  If he could do it with as sick as he was, then she had no excuse.

We talked for over an hour.  She even invited us to come out to her booth at the children's festival this weekend so she can meet my kids.  She also asked for more info on becoming a Donate Life Ambassador.

These last couple of days have been really hard to deal with, but talking to this lady and seeing how much of an impact Tin Man made on her made me remember all the amazing qualities he had and why I fell in love with him.

Now, enough of the sappy stuff and on to the pictures.

California Sea Lion
 I hate pigeons, but this made for a cool picture
 Jellyfish.  This thing was huge.  I'd say a good 18 inches across.
 They finally got tired of us shooing them and took off

 This guy had a bright orange beak. 
 These birds were entertaining to watch.  They kept diving straight down, but also dive at each other to get them away from their fish.
 Kelp.  There was a bunch of it.  The longest one, was about 30 feet long.
 I want to try this one day.  Its on my to do list after I shrink down.
 Fishing boat
 This little guy kept popping his head out right in front of us.  He seemed to enjoy having his picture taken.
 They were packed in like sardines.  The tallest one was the largest one out of 200 or so.
 Another fishing boat
 Lots of crab pieces all over the dock.
 Sea Otters. 

 A class on kayaking. 


  1. wow.....what emotions you must experience...

  2. Hello,

    I am visiting you through Blog Hops Everyday. You have a lovely blog and I love your content. I am now following your blog, please check out my blogs too and return the love: Empowered Mommy and Pregnancy Forum

    Thanks for your time. :)

  3. Gorgeous photos and there is so much about the sealife that just puts me in the most awesome place mentally.

    I am so glad that you met the women who your husband impacted and to think it was his character that led her to start volunteering. He left his mark on many I am sure.

    Sending many blessings your way and wishing you and the family the best.



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