Monday, September 17, 2012

Weight Loss - Starting Over

I'm starting over. Stress and dieting just don't go together. I've tried over the past 6 months, but it just didn't work.

I started the Walking With Attitude, but just couldn't get myself moving.  We did a lot of walking when Tin Man was able to, so walking around town brought back a lot of memories, which made it hard to bring myself to go.

So today I am starting over.

I sat down and talked to the kids this weekend, and made them both promise to help me. Promised they wouldn't let me use some lame excuse to get out of going for a walk, or to veg out on the couch.

We rely on a calendar a lot in this house. Between the kids' activities, things for school, doctor appointments, and more, we need a calendar to keep straight of things.

I decided to create a calendar that I can use for my workouts and also for activities for the week.

Even better is I printed this calendar out and put it in an 8 x 10 frame so I can use a dry erase marker instead of having to print it out every month.

Each day is color coded by what my workout routine is for that day. Eventually my workout routines will become more advanced. Right now they are just elliptical, walking, and basic arm and leg workouts.

I learned a long time ago not to pile everything on at once. If I ease myself into it I'm much more likely to stick with it.

I've also come up with some long term goals. Some for myself and some as a family. I told the kids if they can help me stay on track, that I'd treat us to a summer passed for Six Flags next summer.

I've also set some short term goals. Nothing to spectacular, just new clothes, manicure, lens for my camera.  

Starting weight - XXX (yeah, I'm so not brave enough to post this yet)  
Short Term Goal - 15 pounds gone  
Long Term Goal - 130 pounds


  1. Good luck & congrats on your new start date :) Big hug for you! Love your calendar & idea of using the color-coded boxes & dry erase method :) Your friend at Daydreaming Realist

  2. Great job!! You are so right with not trying to jump in head first with it. You also set some really great goals and rewards for yourself!! I hope that you had a great week getting in your workouts!! Have a great weekend!!


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