Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Mom Reason 361

Don't you just love those people that don't have kids, but feel the need to tell you how to raise yours.  Or the ones that have toddlers and think they know it all about parenting teens.  Even worse are the ones that flat out call you a bad parent because they don't agree with you.

I've been called a bad parent for many reasons.  Because I let my kids dye their hair unnatural colors.  Because you know, kids with lime green hair can't be smart, motivated, or an all around good kick.  Kids with lime green hair are into drugs, stealing, and hurting animals.  

I guess someone forgot to send that memo to my straight A, very motivated, lacrosse playing, lime green hair kid.

Then there is the "she's a bad mom because she allows her son to walk home from school".  Really?  We live a little over half a mile from the school.  He's in high school and walks to school with his friends.  He doesn't want a ride unless its raining, and even then not always.  Its not like I force my kids to walk 5 miles to school up hill both ways, in the snow every day.  

I would, but well, we don't live 5 miles from the school, and it doesn't snow here.  

Oh and I got a lot of grief from people about letting my kids dress up as zombies and dance to Michael Jackson.  One mom straight up told me I was sending my kids straight to hell because of it.  Even the Bible says so.  Anyone wanna clue me in on where this is in the Bible?

The latest one is because I was taking sleeping pills and my kids knew about it.  You know, to actually sleep at night.  I was barely sleeping 4 hours a day.  I was up cleaning house all hours of the night because laying in bed was driving me nuts.  I tried all the suggestions I was given and they didn't work.  My dr prescribed the sleeping pills right after Tin Man died.  Almost 7 months ago and I still have more than half of them left.  

I have always had people criticize my parenting, and usually I think its funny.   Right now though, it just irritates me.  I know I'm over emotional and overly sensitive, but still.  

Wonder what these oh-so-perfect-people- would think if they knew I let Warrior play on a freeway (when new section of freeway opened up, the city through a party, so we went to hang out with friends and our kids played with their toys, on the freeway), or let them both drink "wine coolers".  (I used to wash out wine cooler bottles and save them so the kids could drink Kool-Aid out of them on New Year's Eve.  They thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

Or because my kids have eaten things, like dog food.  When Warrior was little he ate lots and lots of dog food.  He'd even try to fight the dog for it.  So then I had to feed the poor dog in the bathroom with the door closed to keep Warrior from eating all his food.  He also ate snails he found outside.  Oh and worms.  He was gross a very gross kid.

Sugar Peas was all about eating mayo and butter by the spoonful, so I had to tie my fridge shut to keep her from eating it.  She was also into dirt. 

Yes, I know, I have some strange, but normal, kids.

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