Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Other People's Kids

First let me say, I'm not saying you have to spank your children.  I don't spank mine and they still know that I won't put up with them being little monsters. 

Yesterday I watched a kid, I'd say 8th grader, ride his bike out in front of a car.  Less then 20 feet from a cop.  So the cop pulled him and his friends over.  Asked what their names were and where they lived.

The kids started immediately with their attitudes.  One told the cop he couldn't remember his name or where he lived.  All 3 of them thought this was funny and started to taunt the cop.  The cop looked over at me, and I told him my kids know they'd be in serious trouble if I ever found out they were treating any adult that way but especially a cop.

This got me to wondering, what are parents thinking?  I have 2 friends that are so busy trying to be their kids' best friends that they aren't being parents.  You have more than enough time to be your child's friend once they group up.

Be their parent while they are young.  Its ok if they don't like you, and occasionally hate you.  It means you're doing your job.

I keep wanting to remind these friends that when they are done with their kids, the rest of us have to deal with them.  Meaning we have to deal with their nasty attitudes in adult form, not to mention their mentality that all adults should bow down to them.

Not gonna happen.

This is why I can't stand a lot of other people's kids.  Now those that actually stand up and parent and have well mannered kids, I can handle them, but those kids are far and few now days, at least in this area.

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