Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Does It Matter Now

Since Tin Man died, there are questions that people feel they need to know the answer to.

Questions they never asked before.

How are you doing financially?  How can you afford your car? 

Or the comments about my parenting.

You let your kids do that?  I guess when you're a single parent you're allowed to mess up every now and then.

Seriously people?  What makes you think that just because my husband is gone you have a right to ask whatever you want?

Never once did you ask how we were doing financially when we were forking out $500 a month on medicines, and had doctor bills a mile high.  Or the weekly trips up to the hospital.

Never once did money enter your mind then.  When it really was an issue.

I would give my car back in a heartbeat to have my husband back.  I traded the $500 a month for medicines for a car payment.  I don't see why it matters to you now.

I have always let my kids go off with groups of friends.  They are old enough and responsible enough to be trusted to walk around a fair with a group of their friends.  Or to the movies.  Or walk to or home from school.

My kids have always had chores.  They took on more and bigger the older they got, but I feel that kids should have chores.  Especially if they want some extra spending money.

I haven't figured out how to be in 2 places at once.  I have to drop one kid off here, the other across town.  I refuse to drop one off until I know there is someone there with them, so I may be a few minutes late picking up the other kid.  I have always called to say I will be a few minutes late.

That has been my life for the last 4 years.  Tin Man was sick, so I had to do most of the running with the kids.  Its never been an issue until now.  Why?

It amazes me how people look at me now that I am a single mom.  When I was a married mom, everything was different and the world was perfect.  Now, it seems like I have gone from great mom into worst single mom ever.

Oh well.  Can't make everyone happy.

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