Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things Warrior Says

I really don't remember teenage boys being as strange as my child is.  Maybe its because I was blinded by hormones, or maybe they pretended to be normal when I was around.

I have many moments when I have to stop and wonder, what happened to my child.

When he was 11 months old he tried to escape from his crib and ended up falling on his head.  Did that do some damage that took almost 14 years to surface? 

Did the numerous bumps on the head cause this?

Or is he just very strange.

We were driving today and at a red light one of the new 4 door Teslas pulled up behind us.  Immediately he started drooling.

Warrior: I wanna rub my face on their hood.
Me:  I'm not sure they would be OK with that, and I have way to much today and don't need to deal with someone calling the police on a crazy person.
Warrior:  When I go shopping for my car I'm going to rub my face on the hood and the softest one is the one I will buy.
Me: um, ok
Warrior: You know how the salesmen always give you their opinion on the car they think is best.  We'll see if their opinion holds up to the soft test.

The scary thing is, I can see him doing it.

Then later he's trying to change the head on his lacrosse stick. 

Warrior: how do you take a screw out?
Me: a screw driver? (not sure if this is a real question)
Warrior: no really?  That was my first thought, I wanted to know if you knew of another way.
Me: no, screw driver is the only way I know.
Warrior: I'll look it up on the internet.......UGH!  It says screwdriver too. 

I'm not sure if he thought there was another magical way to do it or not.
(the screw wasn't stripped, he just couldn't "find" a screw driver when he stood in the middle of the room, did a circle, and sat back down.)

Sometimes I really wonder what happened.

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  1. This post had me in stitches! I don't think it's just teenage boys, I think it's boys of ALLLL ages. My husband would totally rub his face on the hood of a Teslas (actually, I may, too), and once when he was baking cookies and the butter wasn't melting fast enough for him, I came downstairs to find 2 sticks of butter wrapped up in my heating pad.


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