Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween, Fun Yet Sad

It wasn't that long ago that we started planning for Halloween in July.  Started figuring out what costumes were going to be.  Decorating the house.  Halloween parties. 

Now its more about dreading this time of year more than anything.

Its just not the same.  I know eventually we'll find our own normal Halloween, but it wasn't this year.

We did go back to tradition.  Headed over to a friend's house to decorate the monster truck in front of their house, and then trick or treating.  It just wasn't the same without Tin Man there.

The kids had fun, and that's all that really matters.

Warrior was determined he was going to be a pink crayon.  Couldn't be any other color than pink.  Let me say, finding a pink crayon was a pain.  No problem finding purple, green, or a box of crayons.  4 stores to find the pink on.  I told him he owes me for my time.

Sugar Pea wanted to be the Mad Hatter.  I paid a total of $15 for her costume.  The most expensive thing being the top hat.  I got everything on clearance at Kmart.  Even better is she can wear everything again.  White shirt and the skirt.  Perfect.  The shirt and jeans.  Great. 

One day everything will be normal.  Not the old normal, but eventually a new normal.  But never the same.

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