Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

All the kids had on their Christmas list was to take a tree out to Tin Man's grave.  Thankfully my kids talk enough about what they want that I knew what to get them.

Unfortunately others know my kids to well and knew that Warrior would love a chicken mask.  Mom on the other hand, no so much.  It creeps me out.  Especially when he puts it on and then just stares at you for 10 minutes.
Everyone also got Nerf guns for an all out war.  We're talking 4 kids and 5 adults.  My brother in law kept hiding behind the fridge to reload.
My brother in law could open up his own DVD rental with all his DVDs, so we went on a hunt trying to find  something that might possibly hold them all.  He wasn't to thrilled he had to put it together himself, but Warrior helped.
He filled it up and still had to put some on top.  Over 500 DVDs
This was my favorite present.  My other one was stolen, and I haven't had the money to replace it.
The kids have been begging to play Texas Hold Em for the last couple of days.  We decided instead of chips, we would bet with candy.  There's the chicken again.
We all lost.
Then we played a game called Fishbowl.  Everyone writes says, slogans, or phrases on a piece of paper.  3 per person.  Then they are put into a bowl.  There are 3 rounds.  1st round you have to get your team to guess what's on the paper without using any of the words.  2nd round is charades.  3rd round you can only use one word.  It was hard, but a lot of fun.

We also played with the chicken.  Worst part was.  It wasn't Warrior this time.

This is our 2nd Christmas without Tin Man.  It was much easier than last years but it was still very hard at times.  Thankfully we were around family and friends.

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