Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tree and Ms Vice President

Last Christmas we weren't in the mood to do anything.  We were counting down the days until it was over and all the Christmas decorations went away.  This year we still aren't 100% into Christmas, but its slowly coming back. 

The kids decided they wanted to get a tree to take out to Tin Man's grave.  We were going to wait until we got down there to get one, since I am severely allergic to pine, and really don't want a tree in my car for 7 hours.  But the Christmas tree farm that friend of ours run means a lot to us because the last Christmas we had with Tin Man we spent a lot of time up there (and tons of money on allergy meds). 

So I gave in and decided the kids were right and this was the best place to get a tree.  Its small, and fits in the trunk, but is going to be tied to the top of the car.  Its the only way I will be able to survive the drive.
Sugar Pea's school started a student council last year.  This year she decided she wanted to run for Vice President.  I was very impressed and so proud that she got up in front of the entire school and gave her candidate speech. 

Considering this is the child that wouldn't speak in class not that long ago, her getting up to give a speech in front of the school is amazing.  Once we finally got a diagnosis (auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, and short term memory loss) and finally knew how to help her, she's made amazing progress!

Yesterday was the election and Sugar Pea is the new Vice President!  I'm such a proud mom.

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